The Pearl Store can be controversial over whether it’s pay-to-win or not. Ultimately, it’s a part of the game and an option on the table. I certainly don’t expect anyone to buy pearls. Props to players who are able to play without buying them. I admire the dedication. There are others who go all in for the benefits of pearls. Realistically, the average Joe has limited means but might consider spending a couple bucks on the game. This thread is for Joe. I’d like to hear everyone’s ideas. 
If you were just starting the game, and you had $100 to spend on the game, what purchases would make the most difference?


3 pets (2700-3300 Pearls), and acquire the fourth from attendance reward (Penguin)
Cooks clothes (2200 Pearls) for combat xp & cook life-skilling for cp
200 LT weight increase (1700 Pearls)
150LT weight increase (1350 Pearls)
1 Marketplace maid (1200 Pearls) to
try and snipe pet/costume/vp or remote purchases >9150 pearls
I’m assuming if someone buys $100 of pearls totaling 11500, they’d have a bit more to put the rest in into whatever they want (inventory slot, more weight, character slots, VP, bank slot, artisan, tears, branding, maid outfit…etc)
or ~Fashions Fade, Style is Forever~
Outfit & Awakening set (3400 Pearls)
Underwear for each day of the week (4900 Pearls)
Maid costume (2200 Pearls)
Second outfit because someone is wearing the same thing you are (2200 Pearls) fashion is endgame


Another Thumbs up to Resilient. If you are an altaholic,
I would recommend going:
3 pets
weight increase
saving rest of the pearls for another weight increase/costume for the next character you change to. This gets over 100bucks quick though.



Hedgehog–must have


–Fishing– If you plan to go ham on AFK fishing one of the best investments you can make is a branding stone for your belanos or eupheria fishing rod. just make sure you have the inventory space for all the fish you’re going to catch.
 –Value– The single best pearl to silver value item in the pearl shop is Artisan Memory. x3 repair on memory frags is huge. Every 50 cents amounts to ~1.5 mil since u’re essentially getting two “free” memory fragments.
–CP Saving– The more CP you spend on your worker empire the higher your passive income can be. The single best way to see some CP return on $ investment is to buy worker lodging. Each lodging expansion by region is $3 and gets u 1 worker lodging in a minimum of 2 locations. The best is Calpheon’s since it gives 3 workers per $3. Buying all of them costs $30 bucks and will give you 36 total worker lodings. Assuming each lodging costs an average of ~2 cp per worker (including cost of precursor nodes) that’s about 72 cp saved in what would be lodging investments. Another option is to invest in storage to reach 192 in your main city or area which will save you even more cp.
–Smart About Spending– Buying in larger quantities saves you money. The best example is Artisan Memories. Instead of buying 1 each for 50 cents you can instead spend $40 and get 100 which drops the price down to 40 cents each. The same goes for almost anything else in the function tab (excluding pets and maids). This is especially important to consider when purchasing 1 time buys i.e. storage space and inventory. Since there is a cap that can be reached it’s much more logical to invest in larger increments instead of smaller which will end up saving you money in the long run. (This may not be for everyone when it comes to storage since most speople only max out one town but it’s highly recommended for any inventory upgrades) Let’s look at the inventory and see just how much money you save on both end of the spectrum (buying 1 slot at a time vs 16 slots at a time). If you have a base of 43 slots (looked at alt) and u want 192 then you need 149 slots.
Price for buying 1 slot at a time: 149 * 150 = 22350 or $223.5 Price for optimal buying: 9 * 1450 + 450 + 150 = 13650 or $136.5 (buying 9x 16 slot, 1x 4 slot, 1x 1 slot) while this is an extreme example that’s still nearly a $100 difference so while you might think it’s a good idea to spend the extra pearls you have left over on a few slots it’s actually a waste of your money. TLDR: Save left over pearls buy in large increments (x10 etc)