AXIOM is a guild founded on the principle that all players should be treated with respect and dignity. The real life necessities of our members comes first, and the guild shall foster an environment that is understanding of real life commitments. Members shall strive to give their best to the guild and push to be the best they can be in all aspects of the games the guild participates in.

Purpose & Principles

  • Family and real life commitments should always come first.  The guild will never ask or demand a member forsake real life over a game.
  • Community is a critical concept to the guild, and as such, all members should be considered family and part of a close-knit group of gamers.  All members should be willing to participate in community events and support the guild as a whole, regardless of personal gain.
  • Drama is not welcome and will not be tolerated.  As a mature guild the membership is expected to behave as adults and resolve their differences with calm and reasonable discussion.
  • All members of the guild shall show respect to all persons in or out of the guild, and furthermore offer assistance to those guild members in need.
  • No member of the guild shall ever use racial slurs or hate speech towards another member, or any person outside of the guild.

Core Rules

  • Cheating and or hacking shall result in immediate and permanent removal from the guild.
  • Follow the directions of officers and guild leaders to the best of your ability.
  • Members shall respect each other and act accordingly.
  • At the request of Officers or Game Leaders all members should assist in the completion of guild events or missions.
  • All members should have Discord installed and check in regularly for information, announcements and to take part in the community.
  • Any deliberate racism or hate speech will result in immediate removal from the guild.


The structure of governance for AXIOM is that of a dictatorship.  We encourage all feedback and participation in the running of the guild, but the Guild Leader has final say in all decisions that effect the guild, and similarly Game Leaders make decisions for their respective games.

Guild Leader – Oversees the broader scope of the guild and it’s operation.  Appoints Game leaders and may appoint Game Officers.

Council – Members appointed by the Guild Leader to act in advisory roles and to help with the day to day operations of the guild.

Game Leader – This position may be filled in the event of multiple games being active within in the community at the same time.  This person shall be appointed by the Guild Leader and empowered to act as the leader for a specific game.  This position may also be filled by the Guild Leader.

Game Officer – This position may be appointed by the Game Leader in order to help with day to day operations of the guild within specific games.

Member – All members of AXIOM are welcome to play which ever games we are actively participating in .  Members will often be included in large guild decisions to allow the leadership to understand the desires of the guild, but ultimately must respect the decisions of the Guild Leader and the Council.