App Message from Airia

Good Afternoon,

I have been perusing the guild recruitment forums since I started the game (on the 30th) and really like the level of structure and organization put forth in both your recruitment post, and what appears to be, the way the guild is run as well, including the strong community focus. I have a very long and (some would say) rich MMO and gaming history, I started gaming in DAOC and shortly after that in Star Wars Galaxies (which got me addicted), I of course joined WoW at its launch and invested far too many hours of my life into that game. I raided and was an officer in a guild that competed and made (a few) world first raid boss kills, I pvp’d regularly and made gladiator the first three arena seasons as a druid, and honestly spent way too much time and energy on the game till the end of the burning crusade expansion. At that point I went “casual” which still amounted to playing daily, and raiding top tier content, but at a slower pace, with former members of our guild that had all graduated college, gotten jobs, and couldn’t handle the world first grind anymore. Eventually, I stopped doing that and tried some other MMO’s, notable games include Wildstar (where I played with a highly organized pvp guild), Guildwars 2 (same guild, prior to Wildstar), Warhammer (Daoc spiritual successor, small, highly organized group vs. group guild), Blade and Soul (loved the pvp, hated the cash shop progression, much worse than BDO), and of course more WoW expansions where I played with another former hardcore gone casual guild that raided weekend afternoons for 4hrs each day. I finally burnt out of WoW during the current expansion and invested myself into FFXIV. Having been a fan of the series I naturally loved the game, and was very familiar with its mechanical play since it mimics warcraft in many areas, I enjoyed my time in the game and enjoy their boss content a lot, but it didn’t excite me, and felt much like wow with a final fantasy skin. This, of course, led me to BDO. I watched the release and development of BDO since the beginning of wildstar. The guild I played wildstar with was interested in the game and we started talking about it a lot, watching its foreign development from afar, and was generally very excited by the prospects. By the time it was finally released in NA wildstar had mostly crashed and burned, the guild I was with moved to archage, (which I started with them but left when they made a decision I felt compromised the integrity of the guild.. moving to a low pop server that could dominate in pvp, rather than continuing to fight the great pvp guilds on the server we started on), I never left the guild, but disagreed with the other officers and decided not to move with them and to discontinued playing the game. When BDO released in NA they of course moved to BDO and invited me to play, but at the time I still had a sour taste in my mouth about how they handled archage and was completing a masters degree so I declined.
From what I understand they had a pretty large presence in NA and did very well (Team Legacy, I believe they ran under Veritas).

All of this to say, I’m extremely hooked on BDO, not tied to any guilds, and am very interested in a strong gaming community as yours appears to be. I am not at a point where I’m ready to apply since I’m still quite a newbie and don’t meet your requirements yet. I leveled a Lahn since it had the great rewards from the event, I will hit awakening on her today and probably stop there as I don’t intend to main her. I have been leveling Witch, Kuno, Dark Knight, and Valk on the side, and am having trouble choosing my favorite. I intend to awaken all of them (Valk as the lowest priority) and make a choice then, unless hitting awakening on one of them seals it for me. I still have yet to learn much about lifeskilling (although I understand its a tremendous source of income), I haven’t really grasped how workers and nodes work yet, but I intend to invest some time reading and watching guides on that once I hit awakening tonight. I’m currently just following my black spirit quests, and am currently 55 and a half in Altinova (which I seem very over leveled for).

I just wanted to express my appreciation for what appears to be a great community focus guild, and my interest in joining in the near future. Sorry about the novel, I’m an English / Language Arts teacher, when writing that tends to take over. Thank you for your time, expect an application in the coming week or so!