We are a full PvX guild. We strive to keep the difficult balance of PvP and PvE with the goal of experiencing everything the game has to offer

AXIOM was a top 25 guild pre-merge and now is a top 10 guild.
Discord is required for all members. Using voice is not.

We have static and ad-hoc scroll groups.
Guild missions are run multiple times every day, at all hours
We do Guild Bosses weekly.
Despite the many calendar of events, we are still a casual guild, meaning flexibly active, where Life > Game.
Participation in guild events we have is optional, but members are expected to make some time for their guild mates.

Great communities are built on active people. We trim inactives every week to make room for those who are actively playing and contributing.
We accept all levels, especially new and returning players.
PvP experience isn’t required, but welcome. We will help all of our members gear up and learn their class.

We have all combat buffs (Accuracy+5, AP+5, HP+100, DR+5), Command to Gather, siege resist 50%, Fishing+3, and Gather+3, Trade Protection+50%, Experience Cry and Call to Battle. 

We also have 2 tier2 elephants and 3 guild galleys.

Black Desert Online

Sunspot (Bishop)

Guild Leader