1. All member contracts are 14-day with the lowest penalty
  2. Members are expect to earn 10,000 contribution points per contract in any combination of in-game activity points and event attendance points
  3. It’s every member’s responsibility to keep their contract current
  4. Contracts can be renewed when they have (1) reached 10,000 activity or (2) when their contract expires (turns blue)
  5. If a member will be unavailable at the time his/her contract will be up for renewal, let an officer know – accommodations can be made
  6. Contracts with 10,000 combined Activity and Attendance Points are eligible for up to double pay from their previous contract until salary reaches 100,000/day
  7. The game mechanics limit pay increases (Game Pay Limits) based on in-game Activity Points, and do not track event attendance. Therefore, pay increases may not always reflect Attendance Points
  8. Contracts with less than 10,000 combined Activity and Attendance Points are given a 50% pay cut upon renewal
  9. After 100,000/day salary, your Personal Salary cap is the total Activity Points listed on the in-game guild roster, up to the Guild Salary Cap
  10. The Guild Salary Cap is tied to Guild Holdings:
Treasury Balance Member Guild Cap Officer Guild Cap
< 1B Silver 200k 300k
1B Silver 300k 500k
2B Silver 500k 750k
3B Silver 750k 1M
4B Silver 1.5M 2.0M
5B Silver 2.5M 3.0M

Salary rate examples for new contracts:

Activity Points Attendance Points Total Points Game Pay Limits New Contract
2,000 2,000 4,000 10-120% 50%
4,000 7,000 11,000 10-140% 140%
6,000 5,000 11,000 10-160% 160%
8,000 1,000 9,000 10-180% 50%
10,000 5,000 15,000 10-200% 200%
  1. Players failing to acquire 10,000 combined points during their contract will be listed as Under-achievers on the guild roster
  2. When a player listed as an Under-achiever completes a contract with 10,000 or more activity, their Under-achiever status is removed
  3. All members listed as under-achiever are reviewed for removal from the guild weekly
  4. All expired contracts are reviewed are reviewed for removal from the guild weekly
  5. All expired contracts with 15+ days offline are automatically removed from the guild weekly unless an exception is granted ahead of time
  6. A review for removal is decision process among officers whether to allow a member to remain in the guild or not
  7. Weekly reviews consider all aspects of a member’s contribution to the guild including present and past activity, attendance to events, attitude, helpfulness, social engagement on discord and guild chat with his/her guild mates, and length of time with the guild
  8. Removal from the guild doesn’t mean removal from the community. All members not removed for discipline are made Friend on discord and the website. When players are able to again play consistently, they can rejoin the guild
  9. The first rule of thumb for assigning values to attendance events is how many players are needed to complete the event, giving approximately 100 per player value
  10. The second rule of thumb for attendance events is that it needs to be a full-guild group with a minimum of 5 players
  11. The third rule of thumb for attendance events is that they are planned on the calendar. There are some exceptions, like war declarations.
  12.  Point Values for Attendance:
Event Attendance Notes
Node War 3000-4000 Bonus 1000 if we win a contested node (fight)
Node War Practice 1500
Red Battlefield 100-500 100 per match full match. 500 max per day. 5+ guild members. Planned guild event.
Sea War 3000-4000 Bonus 1000 if we win
Sea Monsters 1500
Guild Bosses 1000
Guild Meeting 1000
* 5-man Cookie Scroll Group 500 Min 5 x Scrolls. Can be Relics, Cartian, or Pila Fe. Limit once per day. All guild group.
* 5-man Boss Scroll Group 500 Min 5 x Regular or 2 x Awakened Scrolls. Limit once per day. All guild group.
* 5-man Grind Group 500 Min one hour. All guild group. Limit once per day
Respond to War Dec 500-1000 No points if less than 5 show. Bonus 500 if we get 20 kills and have positive KDR at the end
Tribute Wagon 500 5-man guild group
Whale Hunt 500 5-man guild group

* these groups to be potentially phased in on Aug 16th, depending on the impact of attendance vs activity points