Node Wars Sites

Node Wars can seem overwhelming for a new player. After a few dozen times, you begin to see some things remain the same. One obvious one is the war area. They are reused daily. If you’ve ever set up a fort, you know that finding a usable spot can be tedious. We realized that there is really a finite number of usable sites in each war area. The number of usable sites with strategic positioning are even less. We realized this early on, but finding the same site again can still be challenging. That’s where this system comes in. We aim to gather as much information about the site as possible, especially map pics and screenshots of terrain. This will reduce our site survey time. Since this is archived, we can add further details after the war ends, like strategies used to counter our placement.

For future site selection, we can refer to a short list of sites in the chosen war zone. Knowing where these preferred sites is allows us to do what we call a build recon. It’s when we attempt to place our fort schematic at each site. If there is another fort started there, it will give us a notice and not let us start a fort there. If there isn’t a fort there, we can either keep the fort or uninstall. This will cost us the fort schematic but is well worth the cost if we can learn the location of an enemy fort before the war starts.

In order to archive these properly, we need a quick way to identify and differentiate one site from another. That’s where this system comes in.