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Icarus was from Greek mythology. He fashioned wings out of wax and tried to fly to the sun. Before Just like Icarus, there’s nothing too stupid we won’t try.

We are a PvX guild, which strives to excel at all aspects of the game. All too often PvP is the only measure for success of a guild. Node Wars and Conquest are major components of end-game and need to be included. The developers continually add content apart from PvP which provide an advantage to individuals and the guild in PvP. We intend to take advantage of those while still progressing with our PvP elements.

This approach allows us to include both our PvP and PvE centered players in the join endeavor to conquer the whole game, not just the parts that involve PvP. The intent here is to include us all in the same fight, some contributing with swords and others with hammer & chisel. This balance has always been hard to maintain. This operation helps to spell out the value of each part and gives recognition for individual achievements.

This is a blueprint to getting the guild to where it needs to go, taking in all aspects of the game that can contribute to the success of the guild. I call this true guild progress.

Icarus breaks down these game aspects into projects to tackle each one separately. Too often, we focus on major areas like grinding or gear progression and overlook many other areas that could give us a strategic advantage in end-game.

Icarus sets milestones for player progress in each project area. It also sets a milestone for the guild in how many players are needed for the guild to reach the next stage of that particular project.

The guild progresses to the next stage of the operation once all projects pass that stage. This will help us emphasize on neglected areas before we can move on with guild progression.

The projects measure guild progress but also serve as a personal progress check and guide for those players who want to develop and progress into that area. The project channels include guides specific for those disciplines. The projects are named after Greek gods for clarity.

Dionysus: Guild Events

  • Attendance
  • Fun

Hera: Recruiting

  • Total Membership
  • Group Membership

Atlas: Exploration (Topography & Character Knowledge)

  • Old World Nodes (Balenos, Serendia, Calpheon)
  • Mediah Nodes
  • Valencia Nodes
  • Sea Nodes (Pre-Magoria waters)
  • Deep Sea Nodes (Magoria, Ross, Vadabin & Juur)

Artemis: Hunting

  • Skill
  • Musket
  • Crock & Small Whales
  • Giant Boar & Big-Horned Deer
  • Blue Whale
  • Fugitive Khalk

Pan: Fishing

  • Skill
  • Fishing Rod
  • Crafted & Pearl Costume
  • River fishing (Relic)
  • Sea fishing (Trophy)

Demeter: Farming

  • Skill
  • Plots & Varieties
  • Crafting Clothes
  • Elephant Baskets & Nurseries

Demosthenes: Alchemy

  • Skill
  • Crafting Clothes
  • Alchemy Stones
  • Elixirs

Hermes: Trade

  • Skill: Master 2 (Desert Trading Bonus)
  • Calph-Heidel
  • Calph-Altinova
  • Calph-Valencia City
  • Calph-Arehaza

Helios: Horse Breeding

  • Horse Training Skill
  • Crafted Training Clothes & Pearl Riding Costume
  • Tame Horse
  • Breeding Goals
  • PvE Mount
  • War Horse
  • Camels: Quest, Imperial Seals
  • Baby Elephant (Personal Mount, 35M)
  • Dolphin
  • Guild Elephant
  • Guild T2 Elephant

Hephaestus: Ship & Mount Armor

  • Combat Mount
  • Racing & PvE Mount
  • Baby Elephant Armor
  • Guild Elephant Armor
  • Guild Ship Armor
  • Guild Ship Armor Enhancement

Argus: Shipwright

  • Fishing Boat
  • Epheria Sailboat
  • Combat Sailboat
  • Guild Ship

Poseidon: Navy

  • Sailing Skill
  • Sailing Clothes
  • Sea Monster, Ghost Ships, Storms
  • PvP Combat
  • Personal Ships: Epheria Sailboat, Combat Ship
  • Guild Ships: Guild Galley

Athena: Training

  • Class Pre-Awakened Skills Setup
  • Class Awakened Skills Setup
  • PvP: PK Survival
  • Mounted Combat (Stirrups): Horse, Camel
  • Elephant Combat: Guild Elephant during Node Wars


  • Contribution Points
  • Energy: Knowledge

Zeus: Node Wars

  • Warfare Manual Completions
  • Fort Construction: Knowledge, Experience, & Participation
  • Field Continent: Attendance Numbers
  • Kill Reports
  • Win Fights: Joint-T1 Cap, Solo-T1 Cap, Joint-T2 Cap, Solo-T2 Cap
  • Warchest: Silver

Ares: PvP Events

  • Attend: Survival Training, Practice Events
  • Kill Cards (Defeat Each Class): Pre-Awakened, Awakened, Full-Boss Awakened (FBA), 60 FBA

Hercules: Level & Skill Grinding

  • Level
  • Skill Points
  • Grind Spot Knowledge

Hades: Enchanting & Fail-stacking

  • Attend Intro
  • Upgrade: Reform Stones
  • Enhance Armor & Weapons: Black Stones, Concentrated Black Stones
  • Enhance Accessories