1. Add them to the BDO member group if they are still on AXIOM discord. Even if they don’t join our guild, this will help other game officers distinguish them from other discord users.

2. Review the application on discord at AXIOM/Officers

3. Give an emote for recommend or non-recommend:

4. If you have questions for the applicant, make a comment on AXIOM/General

5. If you have comments for the other officers, leave them at AXIOM/Officers

6. Make an announcement in AXIOM/General once an application is approved. Use this format:

Discord Handle – Family (Character) is approved. See an officer online for your guild invite.

Example: “Bishop – Sunspot (Sjoffna) is approved”

7. Add the R emote to their application on discord AXIOM/Officers once they join the guild

8. Add Member to their permissions on AXIOM discord.

9. Change their permissions on the Website from Subscriber to Member

10. Invite them to AXIOM-BDO discord.

You can do this by right-clicking their name on discord then Invite to Server > AXIOM-BDO.

You can also do this by making an Instant Invite link by by right-clicking the Public channel in AXIOM-BDO, then click the Copy button. Past the link as a PM on discord or in-game.

Make sure the “Set this link to never expire” is unchecked or others may have a way to gain access to our server. This temporary instant invite link will expire in 24 hours.

11. Add the * Emote once they’ve joined AXIOM-BDO discord

12. Set their permission on discord as Member

13. Explain the uses for AXIOM and AXIOM-BDO discord and direct them AXIOM-BDO/Info

14. Explain the uses of the website and where to find info there